Luxury Waterfall Bridal Bouquet Handmade

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Luxury Waterfall Bridal Bouquet Handmade


lower Style: Flower Bouquet
Type: Rose
Style: Flower
Classification: Artificial Flowers
Occasion: Wedding

Navy,blue, grey and white

100% brand new and high quality


The wedding bouquet is embellished with beautiful rose flowers and leaves to make it more unique and beautiful.
Artificial flowers are all handmade, with simple and elegant shapes, bright and comfortable colors, and look more vibrant.
The size is big enough and perfect for wedding bridal bouquet to show the beauty, nobleness and elegance of the bride.
Made of silk fabric material, the silk bouquet will not wither at high temperatures or freeze in the cold, making it the best choice for all weather conditions.
It is great for wedding, decor, altar, church,corsages, pew bows, reception centerpieces, etc.


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